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What types of vehicles does the iON Pro navigation user terminal support for installation?
The multipurpose iON Pro navigation user terminal can be installed in any vehicles including specialty vehicles. In addition, iON Pro can be used to monitor various operating conditions of fixed-site facilities (vending equipment, boiler plants, diesel-generator units, oil storages, etc.).
How to get access to vehicle onboard data using the iON Pro terminal?
When connecting iON Pro to a vehicle via CAN bus or SAE, the device can receive data on vehicle operation directly from the onboard computer. The CAN interface of the iON Pro onboard terminal supports the J1939/FMS protocol that specifies a common standard for trucks. The versatile CAN-LOG controller can be used to provide iON Pro compatibility with non-standard protocols. The controller allows you to receive information from a large fleet of trucks, motor cars or agricultural machinery.
What liquid level sensor are supported by iON Pro?
The iON Pro terminal enables you to connect up to 8 digital liquid level sensors and up to 6 analog or frequency liquid level sensors. Data received from sensors helps to avoid unauthorized fuel draining as well as to monitor the amount of fuel filling and consumption.
How reliable and stable is the operation of the WEB-based monitoring system?
The reliability of the system is achieved through the use of replicated server systems located in various data centers across Russia and abroad. If the server is not available or fails to operate, service load is distributed to other servers. Thus the system scalability is achieved. If the server load increases, it is sufficient to add one more server.
How iON Pro is secure against third-party tampering and sabotage?
In the process of the iON Pro development much attention was devoted to the protection of the device against tampering. The user's part is securely protected by the housing - all the connectors to connect wires, antennas, SIM card are concealed under the cover. After completing the configuration and connectiON Procedures, the device is closed by the cover and sealed. The LED indicators turn off in 20 minutes after closing the cover. In this way a driver is not able to assess the device operating conditions (if required, this option can be disabled by a system administrator).

The terminal's components of integrated protection include:

Mechanical protection. The installation package is supplied with the self-destroying seals from the manufacturer. In addition, the space for additional seal is provided.

Electronic protection. The device is equipped with the electronic seal placed under the case, which registers the cover removal (to access SIM cards, wires and antennas). When the case is opened, the terminal sends a signal to the server. The event of opening is displayed in the dispatcher program as a message.

Warranty. The device is supplied with the second electronic seal. The end user shall have no coverage or benefits under the warranty if the product has been subject to unauthorized tampering with the main watertight part of the tracking terminal.


How to register on the website?
You can register on the website in two ways:

1) By sending an SMS message with the activation code to the server number (they are specified in the passport of the navigation terminal)

2) By filling the required fields of the registration form at www.irzonline.ru

In both cases you will receive an SMS with a login and a password to access our web server.
How to add another device to the system?
To add a device to the system, send the activation code to the server number via the telephone which was used for registration. After that the device is automatically added to the system and a new vehicle with the attached device is created. Besides, the device can be added using the "Devices" tab in the "Settings" menu with the specified activation code.
How to set up the navigation terminal?
All the required settings are made via the configuration manager prior or during the device installation in a vehicle. The configurator is available for downloading at www.irzonline.ru in the section «Documentation». Before running the configuration manager you need to install the drivers available in the same section.
How to set up the power-saving modes?
Each power-saving mode is configured via the configuration manager in the "Power saving" tab. The configuration manager and required drivers are available for downloading at www.irzonline.ru in the section «Documentation».
How to connect the navigation terminal to a vehicle and how long will it take?
To connect the navigation terminal to a vehicle, please refer to the user guide found in the section «Documentation» at www.irzonline.ru. Generally, standard installatiON Procedure takes less than two hours. If you face problems with installation, please contact the specialists of iRZ Online.


Who should I contact if I have queries regarding the configuration and connection of iON Pro?
If you have queries regarding the configuration and connection of iON Pro, contact the technical support department through the sales managers of tracking systems by phone at +7 (812) 458-44-25.
Who should I contact in case of iON Pro failure?
If you have detected an operational failure, do not try to repair the tracking terminal by yourself. iRZ Online provides the unlimited warranty against manufacturing defects. If you have problems with the device, please contact an authorized maintenance center.
Warranty maintenance service does not cover the following cases:
- If the product has traces of mechanical defects and exposure to liquids
- If the product warranty labels and seals has been removed or damaged
- The product has not been operated and stored in accordance with instructions supplied by the manufacturer
- The products has been subjected to misuse or use in abnormal conditions
- The product damage has been caused by accidents or actions of third parties

For any further details, please call +7 (812) 318-19-90.

iRZ Online Tracking System

Is it possible to create new users in the system?
The tracking system is a versatile tool which allows you to create new users and delimit their rights, assign access for required vehicles and provide access to features and settings.
What are events and what are they meant for?
The events in the tracking system are incidents related to the device. There can be analytical (geofence entry/exit, speed violations, fuel filling or draining, sensor events) and hardware events (cover or case opening, switch to a power-saving mode, alarm button). They are required for prompt notification of a dispatcher (the system user). The system supports event notification via email or SMS.
Is it possible to set up sending reports via email?
The iRZ Online tracking system allows you to set up automatic emailing of reports. To enable this option, select the "Reports" menu in the "Settings" section and click "Autogeneration", after that fill in the required fields.
How to create a geofence?
To create a geofence, go to the "Track" tab, click the "Geofence management" button in the top panel placed under the date, after that the menu with the geofence patterns drops down where you can select the one to render on the map.
How to generate a track in the system?
To generate a track in the system, go to the "Track" tab, select the required vehicle, set the time range and click "Generate Track". The track will be displayed on the screen.
In which formats can I download a report?
A report can be viewed in the web application or downloaded to your computer in one of the following formats: HTML, PDF or Excel.
What are units?
Units are visualized display of connected sensors and configured inputs. Depending on data type, it can be displayed in various forms: bar graph, needle indicator, regular indicator, value.