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iRZ Online delivers a wide range of equipment designed for satellite-based tracking and searching
of vehicles and assets as well as for monitoring the operating conditions of a
target object

The user terminals include iON Pro, iON Base and iON Lite. These are versatile new generation monitoring terminals for installation on vehicles or mobile objects. They receive and process in a real-time such parameters as location, speed, driving direction, state of various connected sensors, including fuel level sensors and flow meters, operation of additional equipment, etc.
Web iRZ Online Software contains server and client components. The server processes data received from the navigation user terminals and stores it for unlimited time. Operators gain access to the data via the client program providing an easy-to-use and intuitive web interface, with all the data generated in reports and messages adjustable according to a customer's individual requirements. The WEB iRZ Online software package supports open standard protocol, capable of monitoring unlimited number of vehicles and provides multiple number of operator workbenches.